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Affordable and beautiful images with Dollar Photo Club

Hi! Today I share with you a tip to update the look of your learning environment and courses instantly.

Since our July 2015 release there is more attention for using images in the platform. Thanks to photos and images you can give your learning environment the look that fits your product. For example you can use a nice, big photo as a background for the log in screen, or as a background of the course overview. Also in between blocks there is room for images, and of course you also use them in your course content.

Finding the right pictures and images can be a hassle. You can hire a photographer to shoot them for you, but they can be quite pricey. Google Images are free, but often not the quality you want. Where do you find that perfect photo without spending a fortune?

My tip: Check out Dollar Photo Club. This service offers high quality stock photos. ‘Stock photos, but they are super expensive, right?’ I hear you think. That’s right. Via the known stock photo suppliers photo’s of $100 are no exception. That makes Dollar Photo Club different, because as the name implies, they offer their photos for only $1 per pic. 

Of course you have to search a bit to find the right one, because they also offer enough stocky-looking material. But when you use the right search terms you can find the most amazing images and photos. The quality is superb and their photo bank is updated regularly. 

A subscription costs $10 per month, which gives you the opportunity to download 10 photos that month. If you don’t download 10 in a month, the remaining credits will be available next month. And if you need more than 10 in a month, you just pay $1 per photo. Easy!

Their membership is limited, so you have to go to a selection procedure to be able to use this service. You can find more about that, and the way Does Dollar Photo Club works, on their website.

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