Look and Feel at template level, PDF in aNewSpring through Google Docs integration and more!

Last wednesday, August 26th, there was a brand new aNewSpring release. In this post we will tell you all about it.


Look and Feel at template level

We are very happy to tell you that with this release you will now be able to give a template a Look and Feel. That means that a student can be subscribed to three different courses and have a different Look and Feel in every course. This way all courses become even more personalised!


Google Docs integration

It was already possible to use MS Office Viewer in aNewSpring. After the new release you can also use the Google Docs Viewer in the plus-editor of aNewSpring. This way you can for example show a PDF directly within you content part. Of course you can also show documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the Google Docs Viewer. With the use of the Google Docs Viewer you accept the terms and conditions of Google. aNewSpring sends files to Google Docs Viewer that will process them and make it possible to display those files in our platform.

Templates and courses now get a title that is shown to a student

We found that aNewSpring users like to give templates and courses a different title at the back-end then at the front-end. With this release a designer can still name his course “1234 July 2015 Course A”, while a student sees the title that could be “Course A”. This title does not need to be unique and will by default be the same as the name when a course is created.

More attachments in discussions

Discussions in aNewSpring got an update. After the release it will be possible to upload multiple attachments in discussions or reactions. These attachments can still be YouTube videos, links or other files. Since we allow multiple attachments, we had to change the view of the discussions a little bit as well. These discussions are now shown the same way as in a Hand-in Assignment.

Other optimalisations

  • We added an option to the Hand-in Assignment which makes it possible for a student to choose if he wants to finish the assignment after his attempt. This option is only available when there is no assessment needed by an instructor.

  • Personal messages will now be shown in a thread structure. The messages have a clearer visual hierarchy. When a message is collapsed, all reactions will also be collapsed.  

  • The table of contents in an activity is moved. It will not be shown on the bottom, but in the left panel. This way it is more noticed.

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