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On the 28th of July, I gave a webinar about creating content in aNewSpring. In this post, you can watch the recording and also find handy articles and tips & tricks that allow you to create great content!

- Review the webinar

- Extra video's

- Creating 360° feedback / scans

- Creating a certificate

- Knowledge base with more articles about content in aNewSpring

- Next webinar: create a learning journey with your content

Review webinar

Extra video's

At the tab 'Video tutorials' in the training centre, you can find more specific video's about creating content parts and questions.

Creating 360° feedback / scans

During the webinar, we did not find the time to create questions for creating 360° feedback and scans. Below a few steps that will help you create this content and add it to your learning journey.

1) Create matrix questions with measures in an evaluation content library. Check the paragraph 'Question type: E-assessment (with measures) in the article: Matrix question in an evaluation content library.

2) Follow the steps in the tutorial 'How do I create a basic course'.

3) Add a 360° feedback or scan activity in the template

4) Select the desired matrix questions in the activities and put together profiles with the measures you have created. Check the paragraphs 'Scan' and '360° feedback' in the article 'Which activities can I use in a template?'.

Creating a certificate

To create a certificate you need an external tool. This tool will allow you to add underlying codes where student data can be automatically filled in. Which codes you can use, you can read the article 'Create activity: certificate'. One of these tools is Open Office Draw. We do not really offer support for external tools. But in the appendix, you will find instructions on how to add these codes using Open Office Draw.

Knowledge base more articles about creating content in aNewSpring

In our knowledge base, you will find several articles about creating content.

Next themed webinar: Create a learning journey, using your content

The webinar about creating learning journeys is planned on Friday 16th of September, 15:30 CEST. In this webinar, I will show you how to create three different scenarios with aNewSpring (e-learning, blended learning and a reference template). In these scenario's I will show you tips and how to use certain features in an effective way. A subscription link will be added soon! You can always check out our planned webinars here.

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us! You can reply below this post and we will be right with you.


Govert de Jong

aNewSpring Support

Leave your questions here. We'll be happy to help!

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