Three brand new question types in aNewSpring!

With the coming release, three brand new question types will be added in aNewSpring. Well, to be honest: two of them are brand new, the third one is an existing one with some great additions!

Check them out in the short movies below, then you know how they work and how you can add them to your learning journeys.

Let us know what you think of them by commenting below. We are looking forward to your reactions!

Drag & Drop question

With the drag & drop question you can add multiple blanks to a text. The student has to drag the right answers to the blanks. It is also possible to add dummy answers. The dummy answers can make completing this type of question a lot tougher!

Fill-in-the-blanks with multiple blanks

The well-known fill-in-the-blanks question has been upgraded with extra options. you can now easily create a single sentence (or paragraph) with multiple blanks. These blanks can also show synonyms. Very handy!

Matching question


In the matching question, a student has to drag the answers to the matching question. The questions and answers can both consist of text, images or audio files and you can combine these media in a single match question!



Please let us know what you think in the comments below. We hope these questions will enrich your learning journeys!


Going to make my job even more fun!!!!

I cant wait for tomorrow!

Great to hear Abby!

Hope you have fun creating your learning journeys :-).

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