Our renewed catalogue! How does it work?

Our renewed catalogue makes it it possible to create very stylish catalogue products. Also configuring the catalogue has improved. There are roughly two ways to go about it:

  • Using the ‘old fashioned’ reseller page 
  • Directly from the courses page 


One of the most important changes allows you to directly add courses to a catalogue product. It is therefore no longer mandatory to use access code groups. Of course you can still use access codes in the catalogue.


Via the reseller page

If you go to the reseller page you will directly be on the catalogue page. Here you can add product categories with products or separate products. The configuration of the catalogue products will remain on the reseller page. For example it is now also easy to add other courses to a published catalogue product.


Directly from the courses page

It is now also possible to directly put a course in a catalogue product via the courses page.


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