Release notes: 70

August (23rd) 2017 - release 70



  • When creating a new question the default location is the root of the content library.


  • At activity content, now choose content via 'Select content' button.
  • Change sequence and sections in all published activities,
  • Change everything within a published documentation activity.
  • At random assessments now able to:
    - Make a new attempt only possible after previous attempt has been failed.
    - Show the highest score of all attempts or score of last attempt.
  • When copying a template, select which content libraries should also be copied instead of copying all content libraries by default.
  • When creating a new template, directly create a content library or select a multiple existing content libraries.


  • Help button on 'learner side' now always points to (unless changed). The help button on back-end side refers to help selected for Instructors. (quick win)
  • Contact button hidden at catalogue product page when catalogue manager is not selected.
  • Sound of background video on login screen muted. (quick win)
  • Scroll bar added to list of learning journeys of student (+10 learning journeys). (quick win)
  • Text changed when a SCORM activity is not finished and student goes back to overview. (quick win)
  • List items in checklist are now more readable because of a darker grey color.
  • Extern ID added to balance-mutations on settings page

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