Release notes 73


  • Fill-in-the-blanks questions might look different to learners because of the change in blanks.


  • At the Fill-in-the-blanks questions you can now add blanks in words.


  • Drag & Drop activities, blocks and widgets
  • Activities no longer need unique names.
  • Main 'courses' tab renamed to 'Templates', including all text related to 'templates'.
  • 'Course content' renamed to 'Content'.
  • 'To do' renamed to 'Blocks & Activities'.
  • Events are no longer linked to event activities (see below)


  • Manage administrator rights:
    - Subscribe learners.
    - Create and manage courses
         - Manage existing events in courses
    - Create and manage content libraries
    - View user overview
         - Create users and manage personal data
         - Manage roles
         - Manage groups
    - Create and manage events
    - Create and manage reports
  • Events are added to courses by administrator
  • When you remove learners in a user group, you now get the following options:
    - Only remove from group.
    - Remove from group and make courses expire.
    - Remove from group, delete subscriptions and results.
  • When you import users via Excel, you can now directly link them to a subenvironment.


  • Notifications on free products made adjustable.


  • At the reporting engine you can now add:
    - Template name and title. 
    - Block name. 
    - 'Course completing activity'; the score, status and date of completion.
    - 'Base course grade on'; the score, status and date of completion.

This is a great release. Thank you guys.

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