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Release preview: Portfolio and recertification conditions

As always, we are working on a new release for the aNewSpring platform, we already want to share a few of the new features with you.


The main project for this release will be the new Portfolio feature. We want to give the learner a place where they can place and showcase their most important results and achievements. These are not restricted to results acquired in the aNewSpring platform but can also be results that are acquired elsewhere. This might be a degree, a book you read (or wrote) or a nice recommendation you received that you want to share.

The learner is responsible for creating the portfolio and is able to share it with whoever he or she wants.

Recertification conditions

We are also working on two new conditions that can be placed on blocks and activities. These will make it possible to easily add a recertification module to certification courses. The conditions will create the ability to; hide or show a block or an activity after completing a certain activity, the time period for when this block will appear or disappear can be set in the platform.

For instance, with these new conditions you will be able to provide your learners with a way to start the recertification one year after the learner acquired a certificate and hide the ‘old’ part of the course. This way, the learner can continue in the same course he or she already worked in.

Besides these two features we’re working on a few more changes/additions to the platform:

  • While assessing an individual learner it will be possible to seamlessly assess all the activities that need to be assessed for that learner. The instructor doesn’t need to head back to the overview after every assessment.
  • If the ‘course completing activity’ is set and the learner has completed that activity he or she should not receive any notification-engine-related notifications anymore.

We plan to release these and more early July.

Great new features in the pipeline. Thanks for the update

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