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Release preview: Editing published templates, removal of template types and a new text editor

For the upcoming release, we’re mainly focussing on features and changes that should improve the workflow of users who are creating content and their learning journeys. There are a lot of smaller changes, but I already want to share some of the bigger projects in this preview.


New text editor

It’s time to retire our current text editor and implement a new one. This text editor is used for entering and editing text on the platform. The new editor should be more flexible, stable and come with some new features like tables and the ability to remove only the styling of the selected text instead of everything in the editor. 


The way in which this new editor can be interacted with gives us some options for reducing the number of clicks that are now needed when creating content parts and questions. 


The editor will be implemented throughout the platform, including the learner and instructor interfaces.


Template types

To improve the way designers can translate their vision to a Learning Journey, we will remove template types as a concept and replace them with high-level settings when creating a template. When creating a template, you will be able to indicate whether or not you’re, for instance, going to need the MemoTrainer, adaptivity or social options. You will not be bothered with those options while working in that template if you have turned the options off.


We’re also redesigning the template settings page to give a clear overview and control over what the template is about, what is turned on and what is turned off. Some options that are now on other pages will be moved here to create a general place for these types of settings. Besides these, we’ll be moving some other options to more logical locations to make them easier to find.


Making changes in published templates

Increasing the flexibility of published templates is a priority for us. We’re looking at unlocking a variety of settings and features that are currently locked in the published state. This is a challenging project for us, but besides some conditions and general settings, we’re also hoping to enable users to add and remove pages from published activities. As we progress through this release, we’ll be able to determine what else we can unlock.


We plan to release this and much more in September!

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