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Release preview: Improving the instructor experience

The upcoming release will focus on improving the instructor experience. The developers are working on a few projects that I can share right away. Please keep in mind that these features can change before the release date.

The ‘Instruct' tab

The main page of the instructor will be updated. Search terms, filters and sorting will be remembered at the next visit and will work better in combination with multiple pages. It will also be possible for instructors to hide the courses they have not marked as favorites. In this way, they can create a clear overview of the courses that are relevant to them even though they are linked to many more.

Changing assessments entered in (video) hand-in assignments, essay questions, external activities and webinars

Assessments will be editable by the instructor even after they have been saved and sent to learners. The leaners will see the updated assessment and statistics will be updated as well.

It’s possible that because of the new score, some conditions on activities or blocks should not be triggered anymore. These conditions will be locked again if the learner hasn’t started the activity yet.

Assessments and scores with linked learning objectives will not be editable.

Assessment flow optimalisation

We will add a new button for instructors so that they can assess and continue to the next learner, essay or activity with one click. In this way, we hope to reduce the number of clicks needed when assessing.

Shadowing courses

Instructors can see and follow the course they instruct themselves by ‘shadowing’. This feature is often overlooked, and it’s unclear how to cancel or continue shadowing a course. We will improve the interface to fix this.

The learner can change the instructor after handing in completed (video) hand-in assignments

If a learner has handed in work and the instructor has not assessed it yet, the learner will be able to change the assessor. This option is configurable per activity.

Improved external and webinar activities

These activities will get an assignment description in which designers can provide learners with information about the activity. In addition, instructors will be able to add attachments to the feedback they give when assessing these activities.

This release will be live late November.

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