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Release preview: Notes and Tagging

At this moment I’m already able to share some information about two projects we’re working on: 

1. Notes for learners

A lot of people learn by writing down or summarizing what they read. I always made summaries of what I had to learn, this worked very well for me. We want to provide learners in aNewSpring with a tool to do this digitally as well.

Learners will get the option to create notes while they’re looking at content, discussions or even doing an exercise. One of the benefits of being able to create notes in the platform is that learners will be able to create links to content pages and activities in their notes. This way they can write summaries and add links to what they think are the most important pages.

This feature will be available for all learners but can also be turned off by designers. At aNewSpring we’re all about helping people learn but having your notes available when you take your exam is a bit too much.

2. Tagging

Being able to add more structure and information to the concepts in aNewSpring is one of the most requested features. Especially when there are a lot of templates and courses, it can get quite overwhelming to find what you’re looking for. We’re working on a system that will enable back-end users to create tags and attach them to templates and courses. Later this year we want to enable this for content as well.

On the screen where you look at templates and courses it will be possible to filter based on these tags. This way it should be really easy to get the overview you need.

There are already some ideas on how tagging could be used. 

For example tags for: 

- module names; 

- periods (year, month, quarter) ; 

- status (to review, finished); 

-  certain team members who are working on templates.

The system will be set up in a way that users can create a structure that fits the way they work.

This and more will be live in August. 

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