Release notes - Release 81

August 2019 - release 81


  • Notes feature
    • Create and edit notes at each activity
    • Create bookmarks within notes
      • Bookmark automatically created when new note is created
    • Create notes in app
  • After completing activity, now two separate buttons to navigate back to overview or go to next activity, based on advice
  • In group message, learner can now reply to both all as to sender
  • When navigating from activity, back to overview the learner will be directed to the specific activity in his overview (anchor added)


  • Able to add score to assessment, without having to select a threshold. This makes it possible to show a score without passed/failed
  • Warning message improved when you base score on criteria, but no criteria are set
  • Designer (with author rights) can now easily edit content, directly when testing template using the new 'edit' icon
  • Able to create and apply tags to templates if admin has added designer to tag collection


  • Possible to add url/link to hotspot (entire image) at an image


  • Tags
    • Can create multiple tag collections, and delete those that are not in use
    • Can determine access to tag collections for admins, designers and resellers
    • Create multiple tags and apply tags
      • Add name
      • Add color
    • Edit existing tags
    • Delete tags, also when in use
      • Show warning message when deleting
    • Filter on multiple tags
    • See which tags are in use
  • 'Settings' button changed to 'Learners'. Will navigate straight to learner tab at a course
  • Settings now located at 'more' dropdown menu


  • Able to create and apply tags to templates and courses if admin has added reseller to tag collection


  • Notes added to app
  • Added icons at activities now visible in app


  • 'Select all' option at courses added when running report


  • Able to edit 'Multiple answers possible' sentence in the look & feel settings, at questions (description).
  • Able to edit 'Forgot password' notification, also name of learner is automatically embedded in this notification

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