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Release preview: Tagging additions and a new type of Learning Journey

Tagging in Content Libraries

After the launch of the tagging feature for courses and templates in the latest release, we are now adding this functionality to the content side of the platform as well. Content libraries, questions and content parts will also be able to be tagged.

We are also working on adding more options to the administrative side of the tagging feature; per user it will be possible to decide whether they can only view and use, or also add and remove tags.

Knowledge Base Learning Journeys

More and more training providers want to offer their learners an environment in which they can find information, discuss with their peers and with their instructor in a non-linear way, for example performance support concepts, knowledge base and Learning Journeys.

In this type of learning journey, there will be less focus on progress and the order in which certain activities should be done, but it provides more freedom for the learners to go through the information and exercises as they see fit. 

This can be configured with a few new settings which will enable learning journey designers to configure just how lineair their learning journey should be.

The above (and more!) will be available begin November.

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