Release notes - November 2019

New for learners

  • Changed: Moved collapse/expand icon to the left of the activity title when an activity has sections.
  • Added: Extra space between 'Reply' and 'Reply to all' buttons in the communication centre.
  • Changed: Popup at end of activity will now always show the 'Back to overview' button.

Communication centre

  • Added: When replying to a message, you can also open the previous message in the popup.
  • Changed: Communication centre back-end: Replaced the text in the buttons 'Archive', 'Mark as read' and 'Mark as unread' with icons.

Creating learning journeys

  • Added: Change styling of learning journey to for example create a knowledge base instead of linear learning journey. This setting:
    • Hides the learning journey timeline.
    • Shows blocks ans activity more compact.
  • Added: Only allow learners to go back to overview at end of activity.
  • Improved: Optimised the table under the Content tab of a template. Only the data of expanded folders will be loaded to improve loading times of large content libraries.
  • Improved: Search feature allows searching content by ID when selecting existing content to use in the template.
  • Changed: The focus stays on a block after creating or editing the block.

Creating content

  • Fixed: Fill-in-the-blanks question don't allow creation of questions without a 'blank'.


  • Fixed: Renewed integration with Stripe API to keep it working.
  • Editing a product:
    • Fixed: 'Gross' and 'Nett' terms have been swapped
    • Added: '%' at VAT/GST

Environment settings

  • Changed: An email notification will not be sent anymore if the content is empty.
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