aNewRelease 83: the form revamped

Christmas may be over but we are happy to give you another present! After 31st of December it will be possible to let your learners fill out a form and let them be in control of the edits, who is able to review, and the sharing of the form. Below, I will tell you more about it.

The form revamped

In a lot of learning journeys, learners are asked to fill out a questionnaire or form. From practical experience, students sometimes like to be able to see multiple questions underneath each other, so that relations between questions are easier to oversee. From talking to learners, we also found that learners sometimes like to work on certain answers for a while, before handing them over to an instructor to look at. And instructors have expressed the wish to be able to give specific feedback on specific questions. In some cases to go back and forth several times, to ultimately build a better answer. You probably guessed it; we have listened to this feedback and we made this possible in the upcoming release!

This would mean that, for example, you could ask a learner to fill out a reflection form and answer questions like: "How did you experience the support by the instructor?" or "Do you think you can fulfill your role better now?". The learner can then take his time to answer these questions or he or she can decide to look into them at a later time. When the learner is satisfied with his or her answers, he or she can give the instructor a notification through the platform, after which the instructor can ask follow-up questions about a specific part. Because multiple feedback rounds are possible, learner and instructor can choose to dig a little deeper into some subjects.

The type of questions in this activity are evaluation questions, which will not have a correct or incorrect status. You can determine that only the instructor can finish the activity instead of just the learner. This way you could let a learner only go further when an instructor is satisfied with the answers. 

This activity could be ideal as a replacement for a form, working on a plan of action together with you instructor, or as an evaluation form in which you want the learner to score on certain multiple choice questions. Of course there are many more possibilities and we would love to hear your creative solutions!


What else is new?

  • After this release, you can ask learners to agree to being approached for marketing purposes. A check mark will be added to the page where a learner adds the demo.  
  • Two factor authentication will be possible for all environments, including log in through the mobile apps.
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