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Release preview: Time registration, bundles and colour palette

For the last release of this year we’ve started working on some new features and here we want to share some information about a few of them already.

Time registration

After the upcoming December release we will start logging the time that learners spend in learning journeys and make that information usable in the reporting engine. This way, for example, it will be possible to see how long someone took to finish the learning journey or how long learners typically take to finish one. This information is required for some accreditations but is also useful to improve your learning journeys. Splitting longer ones or combining smaller ones to create a better flow for your learners.

The first step will be about reporting on a learning journey level, later we want to add the ability to see this information on an activity level. This will add a lot of other interesting statistics to work with.


To provide even more freedom in how you structure your learning journeys in aNewSpring we’re introducing ‘Bundles’. This new functionality will make it possible to group multiple journeys together, optionally order them and present them to your learners. This way a large amount of learning journeys can be clustered for a better overview for the learner.

We know that for learners with a large amount of learning journeys the home page can be a bit overwhelming. Recently we added tags and filters which already help a lot but we think this will add a lot more options to structure the journeys in a clear way for your learners. Examples of bundles could be a bundle per year, module or maybe there’s a special bundle for all the optional learning journeys a learner can do.

We’re very excited about this project and wanted to share with you that we’ve started working on it. Christmas seems a bit far away yet but we hope to have a first version of this under the Christmas tree for you this year. If not, it will be soon after.

Colour palette

When editing a look & feel in aNewSpring it will be possible to define a colour palette. These colours will be usable when selecting a text-colour and background colour for text fields. With this you can point attention to a specific text in a content part or have it fit better in your own colour scheme. 

Having a colour palette instead of individual colour pickers everywhere makes it  easier to keep the colours consistent throughout your content.

You can expect this, and more, just before Christmas.  

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