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Release notes - May 2022

Learners - Home page

  • Added: Courses, that the learner is subscribed to, but are not available yet, will already be shown on the homepage.

    • These courses are displayed under a new ‘Available soon’ category.

    • The available date is shown in the course tile.

Learners - Learning objectives

  • Improved: When working with learning objectives, we show the ‘Continue’ button, instead of the ‘Start’ button, for suggested activities which are already started by the learner.


Learners - Platform notifications

  • Added: Learners receive platform notifications when enrolling to, or unenrolling from, events.

  • Added: Learners receive e-mail notifications when enrolling on events.

  • Improved: Learners receive one general notification, in the desktop view, when multiple new activities are published at once.


Text editor

  • Added: The ability to maximise the text editor, except the basic version, so users have a wider text field.



  • Added: Synthesia, a new content type to add AI videos.



Upload multiple files at once

  • Added: The possibility of uploading one or multiple files in the text editor.

  • Added: The possibility of uploading one or multiple images in the text editor.


Copying activities

  • Improved: You will get informed that conditions will not be included when copying blocks and/or activities.

Template notifications

  • Added: The condition to send the notification a certain period after the learners have completed a specific activity.


Course settings - Preservability properties

  • Added: The ability to inform learners about their new course subscription on the same day as the course's start date.


Import users

  • Added: The ability to activate a course subscription immediately when importing learners via CSV.


Autofill login credentials

  • Improved: Looking at other users’ data won’t automatically fill your login credentials in their login fields.

(E-mail) notification

  • Added: The e-mail notification for ‘Form and reflection activity invites’ is editable by the trainer.

  • Added: The e-mail notification for learners when enrolling for an event is editable by the trainer.

  • Improved: The e-mail notification for ‘Activity available after’ is corrected to ‘Activity available until’.

  • Added: The trainer receives platform notifications when learners enrol to or unenroll from, the events.

  • Added: The trainer receives e-mail notifications when learners enrol at the events.


Assessing and statistics

  • Added: Ability to delete the attachments that were given in the assessment feedback.

  • Added: The ability to reopen a closed and completed form or reflection activity, and continue to edit the assessment.

  • Improved: Ability to view and edit the question content in the content statistics.

  • The pagination of the learner statistics table will be updated according to the filtered results.


Look & Feel editor

Added: The ability to give the footer a background colour.

WCAG standard

The WCAG standards are defined to make sure all web contents are accessible for all users. In order to meet these standards, we started with changing the contrast of the element-colours to meet the right ratio. All of these changes consist of adjusting the colours from a lighter tint to a somewhat darker tint of that same colour.

General changes

  • The main colour blue is slightly darker.

  • The status colours of the certificates are slightly darker.

  • Some of the assessment colours, which the users can select by themselves, are slightly darker.

  • The colours of the tags are slightly darker.

  • The colours of the alerts are slightly darker.

Changes made in the default look & feel

  • The secondary colour is changed into a red tone.

  • The colour of the advice bar is slightly lighter.

  • The colour of the “View objective” text colour is darker.

  • The text font colour is slightly darker.

Other changes at the learner interfaces

  • The colour of the red notification dot, that shows the number of unread messages, is slightly darker.

  • The text colour of the description in the hotspot questions is slightly darker.

  • The colour of the arrow to resize the text-editor is slightly darker.

  • The colour of the paginations in the player, when that page is done is darker.

  • The ‘back to previous page’ button in the player is slightly darker.

  • The two buttons in the player, which allows the learner to navigate to the top or bottom of the page, are slightly darker.

  • The text colour of the portfolio page is slightly darker.

  • The colour of the placeholder texts, which are guidelines in the text fields, e.g. name, e-mail address, etc, are slightly darker.

Changes at the staff side

  • The colour of the support pull-out button is changed with a darker blue colour.

  • The colour of the secondary button is slightly darker.

  • The colour of all descriptive texts, which are above a white background, is slightly darker.

  • The colour of the labels that indicates an adaptive block  is slightly darker.

  • The colour of the name of the concept, which is located in the concept header, is slightly darker.

  • The colour of the breadcrumbs is slightly darker.

  • The red colour for incorrect values in the text fields is slightly darker.

  • The colour of the icons, that indicates where the user can drag & drop, is slightly darker.

  • The colour of the category label, within the reporting engine, is slightly darker.

  • The colour of the statuses and progresses, in the instructor dashboard, is somewhat darker.

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