Release notes 101

The release is expected on August 8th.

Learners - Mathematical formulas

  • Added: Learners can add mathematical formulas as answers in the essay questions.

Learners - Keyboard accessibility (WCAG)

  • Improved: Learners are able to interact and navigate through the learning journey (overview with all activities), with the exception of the widgets, by only using their keyboard.

    • This includes the ability to see which actionable item is on focus at the moment;

    • And the ability to instantly skip to the main content, the activities.

Learners - App push-notification for bundle courses

  • Added: Learners can receive a push-notification on their mobile device when a course is added to their bundle course.


  • Added: The new survey concept allows you to set up well-defined surveys that can be repeated in multiple templates and used to gauge feedback from the learners. The feedback can tell you how well your training is performing and where you should make improvements.

    • Admin permissions: There are two new permissions added within the administrator role. The main one allows users to see results from surveys and the secondary permission lets the users also create and manage the surveys. 

    • Survey content: You have the option to create surveys with a new content library or rely on an existing one with questions and content parts you already have. You also have the option to create a survey with immediately predefined questions.

    • Template activity: A new survey activity type for the templates is added. Learning designers can select the pre-defined survey (created by the survey expert) and add it to an activity at the template level.

      • In order to keep things clear and fit the purpose of the activity type better, we’ve renamed the ‘Inquiry’ activity type to ‘Questionnaire’.

    • Learners: Learners share their opinion and feedback in the regular way within their learning journey.

    • Results overview: All feedback from the learners, from all the templates, are combined and shown in one overview to easily process the results.

(Video) Hand-in assignment - All instructors

  • Added: The possibility for learners to hand in their assignments to all instructors, rather than having to pick one.

    • A setting in the video- or normal hand-in assignment activity.

    • Also editable when the activity is published. But only from ‘Having to select an instructor’ to ‘Handing it in to all instructors’ and not the other way around.

    • External assessors are not available with this setting.

Access code - Direct access to the input page

  • Improved: The login page where learners can enter an access code is improved with a direct url. Thereby, users can directly navigate to the access code input page.

Text-editor - Mathematical formulas

  • Added: The possibility to add mathematical formulas in the content of the learning journey.

Video content - Autoplay option is removed

  • Changed: The autoplay option in the video content types is removed to provide a better user experience. 

Video player - Videos in portrait mode

  • Added: The possibility to show video content, from the video player, in portrait mode.

Template - Easy activating notifications

  • Added: The ability to activate or deactivate the template notifications from the overview table.

Instructor - Shortcut to the dashboard

  • Added: A quick access to the course dashboard is added in each course view when looking at the results of a learner.

Email notification - Free products with approval

  • Added: The possibility to edit the email notification content for the free catalogue products that require an approval.

    • Free order approved - logged in

    • Free order approved - logged out

    • Free order approved - logged in (access codes)

    • Free order approved - logged out (access codes)

    • Free order declined

Reporting Engine - State of the course subscription

  • Added: The possibility to include the state of the course subscriptions in the reports.

Catalogue - Empty products

  • Changed: Catalogue products become unavailable (not possible to purchase, request or add) when all the containing courses or the access code group gets deleted.

    • This includes catalogue products with an empty bundle course.

Images - svg format for activities, courses and products

  • Improved: The ‘.svg’ image type can now also be used for the activity, course and product images. 

API - Learner group

  • Added: The ability to link a learner group to instructors in the course with the API call: ‘/addStudentGroupTeachers/{courseID]/{groupID}’.

  • Added: The ability to unlink a learner group from instructors in the course with the API call: ‘/deleteStudentGroupTeachers/{courseID}/{groupID}’.

  • Added: The ability to retrieve all the instructors that are linked to a learner group in the course with the API call: ‘/getStudentGroupTeachers/{courseID}/{groupID}’.

Course - Improved usability

  • Improved: The ‘Name’ and ‘Title’ input fields for creating a new course have been made wider to improve the usability.

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