Release notes 102 - October 2023

The release is expected on October 17th.

Learners - Keyboard accessibility (WCAG)

  • Improved: Learners are able to interact and navigate through the lesson, assignment and assessment activities in the player by only using their keyboard.

Condition - Update conditions in published blocks and activities

  • Improved: You can change the trigger for conditions in published blocks and activities.

    • The trigger is what activates the condition.

  • All types of conditions can be updated, except the retention and objective conditions.

  • Conditions in published blocks and activities can only be changed now. You can’t add new or delete existing conditions.

Certificate - Set validity per course

  • Added: After adding a certificate to the template, you can set a validity per course.

Certificate - Send certificate via email

  • Added: The option to automatically send learners their certificate via email as soon as they obtain it.

Certificate - Add name and external ID of the template

  • Added: The ability to use the name of the template and the external ID as dynamic data in the certificate.

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