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Hoe maak ik een certificaat

Je kunt met behulp van Word en Adobe Acrobat Pro zelf een certificaat aanmaken. 

  1. Create word document
  2. Convert to PDF document using Adobe Acrobat
  3. After converting Adobe Acrobat opens automatically
  4. On the menu bar, select: Forms --> Add/Edit fields
  5. The system will ask if you want it to detect the fields: select NO
  6. In the left upper corner there is a button "Add New Field"
  7. From the drop down menu select 'Text Field'
  8. A crosshair appears. Draw the area where you want this field to appear
  9. Enter the exact field name (fields are case sensitive) in the box and hit enter
  10. Save the file and import into A New Spring using the import Certification function

Document with steps and screenshot attached.

Handig, dank!


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