We proudly present: the aNewSpring Community!

We proudly present: 

the aNewSpring Community!

As you may have noticed our support site got a make over. For months we worked ourselves to the bone (and at this moment we know almost every pizza delivery guy in Rotterdam by name), but we are very proud of the finished result.

We really wanted to create a support site that could help you find your way in the platform by yourself. That's why we didn't only revise our articles, but also created an actual aNewSpring Community! In this community you and all other aNewSpring users can ask questions, leave tips and comments and search for solutions with each other. And of course our Support Team helps out when necessary.

After creating an account on the support site you can check the status of the tickets you sent us.

When you look for an answer via the search bar you immediately get suggestions of possible solutions.

Through the community we inform you about new functionalities, interesting cases and tips & tricks.

Apart from that you can send us feature requests, share tips and ask questions to the rest of the community. Other users can vote for their favorite feature request and respond to your tips and questions.

Questions can be asked not only to the aNewSpring Support Team, but also to all the other users in the aNewSpring Community! This way you learn from each other and can you and everyone else share their own experiences with the platform.

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