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Feature requests: how does it work?

We continuously work to improve aNewSpring. Feature requests help us to discover what you need and expect. Don't hesitate to send us your wishes or feedback in our community or in a ticket.

We will place each incoming suggestion the right project and this will get a status. For us it's very important that each development helps as many clients as possible to use the system (even) better. A suggestion/wish that we get more often, will get a higher priority.

The moment that a wish will be developed for a release, we will send you an update. As long as a status doesn't change, unfortunately we can't send an update. These are statuses like 'implement', 'don't implement', 'implement when possible'. We don't look ahead past the next 2 upcoming releases, so we can't always give an indication when something might be implemented if we do plan to do so. Under What are we working on you will find the Release previews to see what the developers are currently working on.

Each release we send an email to all administrators about everything that will change. You can also find this under 'Announcements'. In the post 'Release notes' you will find all updates.

We would like to hear from you!

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